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Read preview. Synopsis In 80 entries this work provides an introduction to the key ideas of cultural anthropology. In each article--culture, race, materialism, semiotics, "primitive," etc. Thus the article on "interpretation" discusses St. That on "ethnology" treats Boemus, Acosta, and Prichard as well as the Boasians.


The article on "nature" contrasts the Greek concept of physis with the Roman natura. Though this is a work of synthesis rather than of original historical scholarship, Winthrop quotes primary sources as much as possible, to let the key figures speak for themselves. Excerpt Cultural anthropology describes and interprets the culturally patterned thought and behavior of contemporary and near-contemporary societies. Read preview Overview. Vermeulen University of Nebraska Press, As the anthropologist Cora DuBois observed, "Legitimate problems go out of fashion, not because they are resolved but simply because of what might be called the quest for generational autonomy.

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By the third professional generation, old questions are raised once more, but with no awareness that they had earlier and valuable formulations" DuBois Aristotle offered in my view a more sophisticated concept of community than did the modern theorists of community studies such as Robert Redfield or Conrad Arensberg. Similarly, the concept of mode of production offered by Karl Marx was analytically more powerful than the parallel notions created by twentieth-century scholars such as Julian Steward, in an era that had forgotten Marx or found it convenient not to acknowledge him.

This professional amnesia takes its toll. In however cursory a fashion, I have tried to demonstrate the depth of anthropology's intellectual development. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page.

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Because of its relationship to the debate construed as the central debate for linguistic anthropology , their work is also construed as crucially theoretical.

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This chapter was a boon to my students in an advanced course in linguistic anthropology. We surveyed 16 textbooks in sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology that were published, or published in new editions, in the s. Before proponents of the so-called literary turn in anthropology achieved dominance in the field, the anthropological monograph was an easily identified artefact.

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In its attention to these issues, this volume makes a valuable contribution to linguistic anthropology , education, and linguistics. It also draws on an extensive literature on space, spanning linguistics, psychology, cognitive studies, and, to a considerably lesser extent, philosophy and anthropology.

This exploration is now almost 30 years old and began shortly after the move of historical archaeology from history into anthropology. Unlike anthropology , history, and literary criticism, sociology is not understood as a discipline in which feminism has led to a significant reconceptualization of existing frameworks. Virtually all schools of anthropology entail an acceptance of at least a weak form of descriptive relativism.

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The contributors come from varied backgrounds: economics, anthropology , ecology, political science and forestry. Elaboration of this link has been one of the most compelling achievements at the interface of anthropology , economics, and nutrition science.

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It is inherent in the musical experience, as a sizeable literature not just in aesthetics, but in psychology and anthropology , attests. The point made in this paper is that "cognitive" approaches to such notions as relevance and representation can be extremely useful to anthropology.

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