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To continue his study of Hebrew he hired a famous Jewish scholar, Bar Ananias, who came to teach him by night, lest other Jews should learn of it. As a man of prayer and purity of heart whose life had been mainly spent in study, penance, and contemplation, Jerome was prepared to be a sensitive interpreter of spiritual things. He undertook to translate most of the books of the Old Testament directly from the Hebrew. The friends and scholars who urged him to this task realized the superiority of a version made directly from the original to any second-hand version, however venerable.

It was needed too for argument with the Jews, who recognized no other text as authentic but their own. He began with the Books of Kings, and went on with the rest at different times. When he found that the Book of Tobias and part of Daniel had been composed in Chaldaic, he set himself to learn that difficult language also. More than once he was tempted to give up the whole wearisome task, but a certain scholarly tenacity of purpose kept him at it. The only parts of the Latin Bible, now known as the Vulgate, which were not either translated or worked over by him are the Books of Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, Baruch, and the two Books of the Maccabees.

Jerome being an eminent scholar of that time, Da stands by his expertise. He said the only reason Catholics kept the deuterocanonicals was because the Pope of the time decided to be obstinant. Anyone have any information? It wastes a lot of time, space and processing capacity on the forum to discuss info and ask questions readily answered on the home page. First of all…Jerome was a scholar, not a Bishop nor Pope. No unfavourable argument can be drawn from the loose, implicit character of these citations, since these Apostolic Fathers quote the protocanonical Scriptures in precisely the same manner.

Codex Amiatinus, the oldest complete Latin Bible

The full realization of this truth came slowly, at least in the Orient, where there are indications that in certain quarters the spell of Palestinian-Jewish tradition was not fully cast off for some time. Jerome came along in the Fourth century. In appreciating his attitude you have to remember that Jerome lived a long time in Palestine. It was an environment where everything outside the Jewish Canon was suspect. Not to mention the Early Church Fathers quoted them.

While he is a Doctor of the church and highly regarded, he was never in authority to make the difinative decisions of what belonged in the canons. End of story. If they want to know more or you find fault with it just put in the threads you are refering to. Have a nice day…Marie. Hi everybody - Thanks for your responses. It seems to me that, if this is the case, this makes an argument in favor of specific readings from the Douay Rheims version, if those readings are at variance with non-Vulgate based Bibles.

Yes, again I will restate the part your interested in. The correct ancient use of the meaning of the words was a large part of his expertise in the various ancient languages. His ability to read and correctly translate were par excellant at the time and even today he would be an ace translator….

Jerome decided to the best course was to start anew using the texts in Hebrew and Greek he had available building, as it was pointed out , on his knowledge of the various cultures in which the scriptural text were developed plus the other disciplines mentioned before.

However, I believe that with the archeological discoveries of older text these past few centuries and the rise of modern biblical scholarship using the best in scientific research that includes History, liturature, anthropology etc. Quite true. He was the best of his day, but even Jerome would boggle at the information unearthed since his time. But he sure would be good at it. Yours is a very interesting question. Modern editions of the Greek NT apparently have had to make do with much later manuscripts.

The full text can be found at:. St Jerome received a splendid education at Rome and was the greatest Biblical scholar of his age. His dates are ca. In other words, he was years closer to the sources than we are.

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